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Intermedia Print Solutions
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Princeton, NJ 08540

Direct Mail + 1 to 1 Marketing

Variable Data Printing

As your One Source Solution, we offer variable data printing which combines your database with letters or brochures for addressing, personalizing, and mailing.

1 to 1 Personalized Marketing

We offer our clients the ability to personalize each piece to a target audience through the use of variable data as well as variable images. This employs the latest software and hardware technology giving our client community the edge in 1 to 1 marketing.

Variable Image Printing

Many firms offer variable data printing which is nothing more than a simple mail merge from your database onto a stagnant marketing piece. Our newest product is Variable Image Printing (VIP) which is much, much more. It's using a predefined if/then formula for each and every marketing piece you produce for each and every target market you are approaching. It's about substituting images and text to dramatically increase ROI percentages from the single digits up to 500% - yes, 500%.

When you want to increase sales, variable image printing will add a dramatic increase.

VIP - it's slick, it's specific, and it's successful.

Artificial Intelligence + Local + Social + Mobile 1 to 1 Marketing


♦ Alex is selling 65% of what people are viewing.

♦ Alex gives your brand a chance to form communities.

♦ Alex talks directly to customers at the point of sale.

♦ Alex answers questions and delivers education tied to your brand message.

♦ Alex pushes savings straight to loyalty cards.

♦ Alex reduces your Cost Per Sale.

♦ Alex has proven her worth by increasing sales.

About Alex:

♦ Can handle over 100,000 IVR calls simultaneously;

♦ Willing to learn to answer in any language; fluent in 23 languages;

♦ Uses Artificial Intelligence.


♦ 'Alex's' Multi Channel Dialogue Platform enables you to build, manage and automate your customer touch points far beyond IVR.

♦ Retail Visual Displays

♦ Landing Pages

♦ SMS Channels


Our Clients & Partners