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QR Codes

QR codes can be static or personalized and once scanned, they stay in the user's phone for as long as the user keeps them in the reader's history.

A Long Shelf Life

The value for marketers is enormous. Even if users scan a QR code only for curiosity's sake, if something triggers their interest later, the offer is still with them. Literally.

QR Codes are trackable.

QR Codes can help build a valuable list.

QR Codes are brandable and show a 25 percent to 30 percent increase in usage when they are branded.

QR codes actually have a variety of functions:

♦ They can take viewers to a Website or Video (mobile or desktop);

♦ They can hold business card information, automatically downloading name, address, e-mail and other info into the phone's contacts;

♦ They can store a date in the phone's calendar (the user must assign the desired reminder);

♦ They can launch a pre-populated e-mail; or

♦ They can deliver a text message or coupon code.


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