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High Definition Full Color Cups

High Definition Reusable Dishwasher Safe Full Color Plastic Cups
High Definition Reusable Full Color Cups


Never before has a custom plastic cup been able to promote your business image from Princeton, New Jersey to New York and beyond with such vibrant detail and clarity. The team at Intermedia Print Solutions brings you stunning cups to showcase your brand: from top shelf dishwasher safe & reusable, recyclable polypropylene plastic cups to paper hot & cold cups.

What makes this type of cup so special? Image quality! Most old-style injection molded and thermoformed plastic cups are imprinted with silkscreen or rotary offset AFTER they are formed. These cups are printed FLAT and THEN formed. Lithographic 4-Color Process printing on a flat sheet allows us to deliver Hi-Definition, photo-quality images. The result is a cup with stunning graphics that rival a company's annual report.

White plastic cups deliver a powerful 1-2 punch. First, when received, the Hi-Definition, full-color print creates a memorable first impression. Then, the cup’s durability and impressive graphics give your prospects a reason to take the cups home generating additional exposure when they reuse the cup over & over again. Plus, our plastic cups are built with 20 mil thick polypropylene that will not shatter or crack like lesser plastic cups.

Clear plastic cups are a truly unique promotional item and a most impressive product. In addition to the Hi-Definition, full-color print available on all of our cups, the clear aspect lets you add incredible visual impact with vibrant translucent colors and dynamic effects created by mixing opaque and transparent areas. You control, through your art, which areas are clear, translucent, and opaque. With all of this visual flexibility, you can easily create a powerful first impression. And, since this cup clearly has the look and feel of a durable, reusable cup, you generate additional exposure when the cup is taken home and used over & over again.

With a disposable cup, it is critical that the promotion makes a great first impression. With this cup’s Hi-Definition, full-color print, you can add ALL your marketing buzz – not just your logo – to create a lasting, high-quality impression. These cups are great for events, meetings, safety programs, and seminars – any place you want to influence coffee and hot beverage drinkers.

Making a great first impression is important when promoting with a paper cup. These COLD cups have a high-gloss finish and are printed in Hi-Definition, full-color to give you the best impression available on a disposable paper cup. Use these cups for meetings, events, and other promotions where a reusable cup like our White and Clear plastic cups are not practical or you need a lower cost but still visually powerful item.


These thermo-formed lids are designed to complement the cup without clashing with the print. Lids come in sizes 9oz, 12oz, 16oz, 17oz, * 20oz, 32oz, 44oz and are shipped in sleeves of 100 and cases of 1,000. Other lid types are available for large quantity orders.


Our new, reusable Lids are sized for our 12oz cup and 16oz Tub. Available as a stock lid or they can be custom printed to complement any cup promotion or container.


The center area of our reusable Lid can be printed with a 25,000 piece minimum order and a 6 week lead time. Standard rim colors are white and black; but, custom rim colors are available. Three styles: straw slot, bank slot, container.

Custom Printed Lids


Stock lids have a clear center area and either a white or black rim and are available in standard lead times. Custom rim colors available with a minimum order of 20,000 and a 4 week lead time. Three styles:


Make your order a complete package with non-imprinted, injection molded lids. They're reusable, just like cups! They come with or without a straw slot. Custom colors are available with a minimum order of 200,000 and a 6 week lead time.


Plastic straws are sold and shipped in FULL cartons only. Other straw types are available for large quantity orders.

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