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Intermedia Print Solutions
100 Overlook Center Suite 200, FL 2,
Princeton, NJ 08540

Point of Purchase Display Printing, Die-cutting, Mounting and Kit Assembly for Any Size Project.

The team at Intermedia Print Solutions, Princeton, New Jersey creates and installs point of purchase displays that help you sell more of a featured product.

Use point of purchase or point of sales marketing with QR codes to tell your own story; to create a memorable, interactive experience. Keep your message short and clear. Location matters!

Point of Purchase

Whether entering a business, at the cash register, on a clothing rack or on a restaurant table, Point of Purchase displays consistently lure consumers to make impulse buys. Point of Purchase signs can also be used to highlight special sales and events, to indicate a particular manufacturer, or to inform the public.

In order for the signs to be effective, they must be attractive and well made. That's where Intermedia Print Solutions comes in. We provide our clients with customer winning creative design, prototype development, custom electronic development, and highly experienced mechanical engineering with state-of-the-art manufacturing.

Stand-up Displays

Stand-Up Displays are a great way to attract attention. These items are printed and contour cut on a variety of materials like cardboard, foam board, and corrugated plastics. They can be virtually any size with any design imaginable.

Counter Displays

 Counter Displays are similar to stand up displays only smaller. These items are normally created out of items like .024 and .050 card stocks and are not only printed, and cut into any shape, they are also creased to make them more functional.

Wall Posters

Wall Posters are very versatile and easy to install. They are printed and cut to any size on various materials like 80# poster paper, .024 cardstock, or even on 1/2" foam boards. Another unique material is the Adhesive Wall Graphic. This material sticks to any surface and comes back off any time with out damaging any surface or leaving residue.


CoroStands were designed  for those that want a much sturdier easel for their Stand-Up displays. The CoroStand is made out of corrugated plastic and has two cross braces for stability with the bottom brace used to hold weight to help prevent your display from falling over.

Ceiling Danglers

Ceiling Danglers are printed on any flexible or rigid material and hung from ceilings to create eye catching displays. These items can be plain banners or highly decorated rigid prints that may even be contour cut into any shape. Using our wide variety of hardware, ceiling danglers can almost be hung anywhere.

Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics are the most missed advertising location in most retail stores. Using our wide variety of materials graphics can be installed on any floor inside and out. We can even print your floor message directly to carpet and mats. Do not miss the opportunity to put your message on the sidewalk, entry way, and aisles of your business.


Clings are great for window displays. From small stickers to large window displays these are a great way to display your message. With our ability to print white ink, these items can be reverse printed and installed on the inside of window to prevent damage from weather or vandals.

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