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Intermedia Print Solutions
100 Overlook Center Suite 200, FL 2,
Princeton, NJ 08540

What Our Clients Say

"Amazing experience with Intermedia Print Solutions! They were very open to help us and get our yard signs for an event under very short notice. They went above and beyond by catching a couple spelling mistakes and even made the corrections for us. They delivered on time and product was high quality. They are very professional and our experience as customers could not be better!"

Roble Rodriguez
Director, HR Barnes & Noble DC
Monroe, NJ.


"This company does outstanding work with a wide variety of print applications, from cartons to catalogs to direct mail to marketing collateral. Their professionalism is first rate and their attention to detail is second to none."

David Murphy, Founder, Nvent Marketing, LLC Phoenix, AZ


We had a late-breaking brainstorm as our son's Ironman attempt approached, and reached out to Darr at Intermedia Printing Solutions near Princeton with not much time to spare. Could he help us create a weather-proof banner that we could hold up by way of encouragement? He could, and he did... from the first interaction to our receipt of the final product, Darr's high standards, attention to detail, and determination to produce a banner that we would love were all first-rate. We will definitely be using Intermedia Printing Solutions again!

Shelley Krause, Princeton, NJ


I got an opportunity to work with Darr at Intermedia Print Solutions. We wanted to embroider a corporate logo in the very center of the 4" x 5" x 2" divided pocket on our sling bag products for one of our clients. I reached out to Darr, and the experience was above and beyond our expectations. He not only personally tried different options on this very difficult to embroider pocket, but also provided feedback on the possible solutions. His knowledge, attention to details, insights, and recommendations in this space are really noteworthy. I often take his suggestions and opinions on the different marketing products for our business. Thank you Darr for everything!

Tushar Desai, Founder, Cool Dude Choice, Skillman, NJ


"Worked with Darr at Intermedia Print Solutions to create a hardcover recipe book with illustrations as a wedding gift for my daughter. Since this was my first time with anything like this, I reached out frequently to Darr for guidance - and got tangible advice, steps and templates. Clearly he is an expert. His responses were immediate, he adapted to changes along the way, and the books were delivered well in time for the wedding. Thank you Darr!"

Archana, Princeton, NJ


"We have had many years of experience with this provider and can honestly say they are very sensitive to detail and making the contact a great experience for the customer."

Lloyd Carr, Bountiful, Utah


"We used Intermedia Print Solutions to print two large murals for a client. We were thinking we'd have to get two people to do the job due to the location, but they were not only able to make it work, but got it done fast and recommended great options for these large scale wall murals. The client and team loved them. We were so happy with the people, job and final product. We will be using them again for projects like this and in the NJ area."

Tara Sullivan Giles, Williamsburg, VA


"Darr is without equal. Working with him is akin to working with your best friend. Great service, great ideas and he always enhances the quality of our projects."

Edward Miller, Raritan, New Jersey


"Darr is an absolute pleasure to do business with. Very professional, diligent, reliable, Darr always goes the extra mile to ensure top-notch service and product. Highly recommended!"

Eugene Pupak, Lawrenceville, New Jersey


"I had a wonderful experience with Intermedia Print Solutions. I received 50 copies of a book I had published in Canada that were marred with white marks, due to poor adherence of ink to the covers. I was quite upset as I thought I would not be able to share them with anyone. Darr found a great solution. He made beautiful dust jackets for the book from the print file that I was able to retrieve from the original printer. Now I'm eager to send my smartly-dressed copies out, and have also asked Darr to design a postcard and digital flyer that I and my publisher can use to further promote the book. I strongly recommend Intermedia Print Solutions. The end products are impeccable, and one feels supported along the way by a kind, insightful, and reliable partner both in resolving old problems and creating new work."

Mary Shaw, Princeton, New Jersey  


"We have worked with Intermedia Print Solutions for approximately 6 years. They have never missed an order, never any shipping delays and no incorrect orders. Staff are always courteous and very knowledgeable about their business. I would like to do business with Intermedia Print Solutions again in the future. I would recommend everyone to give them an opportunity to fulfill your print/ packaging needs."

Mark Fournier, Ewing, New Jersey


"I ordered two teardrop flags from Darr the process was quick and easy. I will be ordering more promotional products from Intermedia Print Solutions."

James P, Hamilton, New Jersey


"I have hired IPS for multiple print media assignments. Darr has always been responsive and involved. He gives updates frequently. My company appreciates IPS's creativity, attention to detail, and on-time deliveries. I recommend IPS to others, without reservation."

Hanan Isaacs, Esq., Kingston, New Jersey


"Ordered promotional note pads.... Darr Kartychak was very helpful. My order was completed quickly & flawlessly! Thank you Darr!"

Ken Giudice, Somerset, New Jersey


"Excellent experience. Intermedia Print Solutions offers a highly professional, high quality, personalized service that I recommend unconditionally."

Martina Baillie, Esq,. Princeton, New Jersey


The best value for a lower cost and all the services we need, and most importantly, on time deliveries of ... beautifully printed, high-end products [and] color consistency across a wide range of papers, plastics and other substrates....

"By contracting out to one very resourceful printer, we are able to leverage our buying power to reduce costs. Intermedia Print Solutions is able to negotiate lower material costs with their suppliers to charge us the lowest price possible. We are presented with the best value for the lowest cost and all the services we need, and most importantly, beautifully printed, high-end products.

"The phenomenal range of presses allows Intermedia to produce color consistency across a wide range of papers, plastics and other substrates, and on-time deliveries. We are very happy with their delivery, color and ease of working with one company. Intermedia continues to provide exceptional products from campaign to campaign."

The Marketing Team
Harvey Prince USA, Inc.
Totowa, NJ

The drawings in your edition are actually better and more vibrant than those in the first edition that were done with the original drawings.

"I am writing to say what a beautiful and professional job you did with the reprinting of The Pine Tree Book and The Pinetum Guide. I know how difficult it was to reproduce the book's art work since all original drawings were lost, and all we had to go on was the images printed in the first book. I have to say that the drawings in your edition are actually better and more vibrant than those in the first edition that were done with the original drawings. Your company was pleasant to work with and made a difficult process easy and enjoyable."

Sara Cedar Miller
Associate Vice President for Park Information
Central Park Conservancy
New York, NY

For handling this DVD project...on such short notice.... Your efforts are appreciated beyond what you can possibly imagine.

"Thank you so much for handling this DVD project for us, and on such short notice."

"Your efforts are appreciated beyond what you can possibly imagine.

"Thanks to you, we were able to deliver in a timely fashion. It was your expertise, professionalism, and contacts which allowed us to have one incredibly happy client.

"Please inform the manufacturer that they not only met but exceeded our expectations of what was possible given the unusual time constraints.

"We look forward to your assistance on numerous projects we have coming up...especially with this particular client.

"We are most appreciative!

"Thanks again!"

Nick Klevans
Center for Integrative Therapies
Princeton, NJ

Looking forward to doing more business together in the future

"Thank you for the way your company handled our last order of PNC Bank Logo polo shirts. I was particularly impressed with your attention to detail and making sure that the order is completed to our satisfaction (especially since all needed to be coodinated in such short notice).

"Looking forward to doing more business together in the future."

Lucia Stegaru
Vice President
PNC Bank
Princeton, NJ

25 million advertising inserts...time was short...delivered on time.

"In the late summer of 1987 Avon Products, Inc. found it necessary to produce 25 million advertising inserts for display in magazines. Time was short, and in the event paper supplies proves to be difficult.

"From a number of competing presentations for this pressing business, Avon [chose] Intermedia...and the work went to press [and] was finished with proper quality and delivered on time.

"Twenty days after delivery Avon made a supplemental request for an additional ...325,000 inserts to be delivered within two days.., [which] was honored in an efficient and timely manner.

Ronald G. Muckstadt
Advertising Manager
Avon Products, Inc.
New York, NY

Well, we did it! The National Literacy Honors calendar was a huge success.

"Well, we did it! The National Literacy Honors calendar was a huge success.

"If not for your personal input, guidance, enthusiasm and flexibility we would never have been able to deliver what we promised --an aesthetically beautiful and significant piece of memorabilia of a very special evening for the National Literacy movement.

"The National Literacy Honors office has been most fortunate in receiving many, many calls and letters since the event on November 15th applauding the evening. All of these calls and letters, without exception have mentioned the National Literacy Honors calendar in glowing terms."

Miriam Shubin
Executive Director
National Literacy Honors
Project Literacy U.S.
Capital Cities/ABC, Inc.
New York, NY

Over the years Intermedia has performed and innovated in a way that we value immensely.

In 1980, we awarded Intermedia Print Solutions our first contract to produce catalogs at a time when we were in the early stages of our company's growth.

"Over the years Intermedia has performed and innovated in a way that we value immensely. We have entrusted more than 50 editions of our catalogs to their printing and production expertise. High-end fashion catalogs are the "life-blood" of our advertising and presentation to our public.

"We continue to have great confidence in the professionalism and care that Intermedia Print Solutions brings to our print media."

Pak Melwani
Royal Silk, Ltd.
Clifton, NJ

On time and within budget.

"I appreciated your taking the time to hand deliver a preview copy. I am very pleased with it, and suspect that both our clients and our managers will share my enthusiasm.

"On a broader scale, I...thank you for working with us on a number of varied projects during the past few months. The short document which we recently reprinted came in on time and within budget. The book, which you took care of for me, was an example of carefull attention to detail. I was especially grateful for your suggesting new approaches....

Collin G. Matton
Marketing Department
Merrin Financial
New York, NY


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