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Case Studies

Hair Salon Counter Mats

Hair Salon Captures Customers™ Attention With Counter Mats

A new product line of shampoo and conditioner was recently released and is selling exclusively at a hair salon chain across the nation. To promote the new product at each salon, the distributor recommended purchasing the Vynex® Peel&Place® counter mat with an image of the product. When customers are checking out and making their next hair appointment they will be focused on the image at the countertop – promoting the product line to each and every customer. Additionally, with the Peel&Place®, the hair salons will be able to remove and replace the mat each time while cleaning and sanitizing the counter.

Animal Lovers Unite For Four-Legged Friends

Animal Lovers Unite For Four-Legged Friends

A nationwide pet supplement and medication company teamed up with an agency of veterinarian clinics to promote a new brand of cat and dog flea preventative medicine. The two organizations wanted to both promote the product, while also promoting preventative flea management methods with scheduled visits, but weren’t sure how to combine their efforts. They purchased the Super Duty counter mats and placed a yearly calendar at the bottom to promote scheduling appointments while also promoting the flea medication product on the top half of the mat. They opted for the Super Duty because of its durability considering the counters are used for a lot of objects.

Delia Counter mat

Home Appliances Get a Promotional Boost With Counter Mats

The Delia company, makers of the Viking stove, wanted to showcase how amazing their new product looks in a showroom, so they decided to purchase the Origin’L Fabric 14” x 19” counter mat with an elegant, full-color image of a kitchen featuring their stylish appliances. The mats were also labeled with the company’s logos and placed on the counters at home furnishing retail stores across the country. The mats became a big hit, not only because of the fantastic imprint quality, but also because of the softness as well as the antimicrobial properties of the mat itself.

Pharmaceutical Counter mats

National Specialty Pharmaceutical Supplier Uses Counter Mats to Save Lives

BioRX, a national supplier and distributor of specialty pharmaceutical supplies, was searching for a way to educate individuals on how to give an intravenous (IV) line, which could save lives among those with hemophilia or other bleeding disorders. The company purchased the Krystex™ BarelyThere™ counter mat with a super hero comic book theme displaying a step-by-step guide on how to properly administer an IV. The counter mats were placed on counter tops throughout the city at local hospitals and outpatient emergency offices. The campaign, deemed a success, not only educated individuals, but were safe to use in a medical environment because of the latex-free BarelyThere™ base material.

Green Poducts Counter mat

Energy Companies Promote Green Practices With ReTreads®

Bulbrite recently partnered with Energy Star and the New York State Energy Research and Development Association (NYSERDA) program to promote energy efficiency products in New York. Bulbrite offered Energy Star-approved compact fluorescents to its distributors throughout the state at deeply discounted prices. With each order, educational pamphlets, as well as the Vynex® ReTreads® counter mats (made from recycled materials), were included, promoting the many benefits of energy saving light bulbs. By offering discounted prices, as well as providing educational materials, Bulbrite distributors promoted energy efficiency while passing along the savings to the consumers.

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