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Create Awesome Printed Campaign Brochures and Flyers

Political Brochures

And flyers are # 3 on the list of most effective political campaign marketing products for candidates running for political office. The team at Intermedia Print Solutions prints a variety of smart looking political brochures for candidates in Princeton and Piscataway, and throughout New Jersey.

When you need to show potential voters why you are the best person for the job, there’s nothing more effective than a full-color, custom brochure.

Campaign brochures allow you to share detailed information about you, your political history and background, results, and goals in a uniquely presentable way.

Bifold brochures                    Trifold brochures                    Quad-fold brochures                    Gatefold brochures     

 V-fold brochures                   Accordion brochures


Printed flyers are ideal for candidates and volunteers to educate passers-by with the overall campaign message. While at a campaign event, a flyer makes it quick and easy to hand out and strike up a conversation.

Printed flyers can help boost your campaign voter and donor ROI and create awareness about your platform and solutions. We print full-color or black-and-white flyers in all shapes and sizes, so before you put your message in the hands of your potential voters, let us create a quality printed flyer that will get the results you deserve.

There are printing enhancements we can suggest to help you stand out in a field of competitors. Today’s technological advances in printing allow you to up the ante easily on your brochures, direct mail, and other campaign marketing materials. Ask about specialty coatings, metallic inks, foil stamping, embossing, and much more.



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