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Fold Top Food Boxes

High Definition Full Color Food Box Reusable Dishwasher Safe Reusable Plastic Containers
High Definition Reusable Full Color Fold Top Food Boxes

CLEAR Plastic
The CLEAR plastic fold top is a truly impressive food box that with product visibilty from Intermedia Print Solutions, Princeton, New Jersey. You can custom design the food box for incredible visual impact with vibrant translucent colors and dynamic effects created by mixing opaque and transparent areas. Hi-Definition, full-color printing is the available benchmark for all of our Fold Top Food Box containers. You control which areas are clear, translucent, and opaque through your design. This Fold Top Food Box clearly has the look and feel of a durable, reusable container, you can generate additional exposure when it is taken home and used over & over again. Sizes: 32 oz., 40 oz., 50 oz., 64 oz., 85 oz.

WHITE Plastic
The WHITE plastic Fold Top Food Box delivers a powerful 1-2 punch. First, when received, the Hi-Definition, full-color print creates a memorable first impression. Then, the durability of this Fold Top and impressive graphics give your prospects a reason to take the Fold Top home generating additional exposure when they reuse the Fold Top over & over again. Plus, our plastic Fold Top products' are built with recyclable polypropylene that will not shatter or crack like lesser plastic containers. Use plastic Fold Tops products to deliver a powerful 1-2 punch with your next promotion. Sizes: 32 oz., 40 oz., 50 oz., 64 oz., 85 oz.

Top-Shelf Home Dishwasher Safe
Hi-Definition, Full-Color Print
Durable Clear or White Plastic

No Lid Required / Reduced SKU’S 
Great For Take Out Packaging 
Efficient Shelf Space Utilization 
Photo Quality Graphics 
Excellent Rigidity 
Leak Proof

Custom Printing Minimum Order Quantities

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