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September 18, 2023

5 Benefits of QR Code Printing in Direct Mail Campaigns

Where did you last scan a QR code? 


You've likely encountered them recently at a restaurant or by the cashier. QR codes, those two-dimensional barcodes, are on the rise. Bitly's 2023 QR Code Trends Report shows steady year-over-year growth, with global QR creations up 41% from January to June. 


Marketers have included QR codes in several initiatives, such as email marketing, printing ads, and packaging. One channel that QR code printing can really shine is direct mail. 




In today's marketing, customers want quick access to mail ads. QR codes provide versatile ways to engage them—from linking to product details to enabling app downloads. This opens exciting opportunities for effective direct mail campaigns. 


This article explores deeper why QR code printing is revolutionizing contactless interactions in the packaging industry and why it's worth considering for your next direct mail campaigns.

What is QR Code Printing? 

QR code printing is adding 2D barcodes to products for smartphone scanning. Businesses use them for cashless transactions; marketers employ QR codes in direct mail to bridge offline and online strategies, seamlessly directing audiences to web pages. 


How does QR code printing work? It's similar to barcodes in grocery stores. While it might appear like a chaotic pattern to humans, smartphone software can interpret it through the camera. This data is processed for actions like opening a website, transferring money, or sharing information.

QR code printing use cases

Many readers might think that QR codes in direct mail campaigns are just gimmicks for the wow factor, but these barcodes serve practical purposes. 


For instance, in your direct mail campaign, a QR code on the product packaging can let customers join a giveaway or access promotion info. COVID-19 self-testing kits also often feature QR codes for instructional videos on proper usage. 

Best practices for QR printing

Because it relies on smartphone cameras, QR codes have a digital component, unlike other types of printing


That means each square of the QR code must be printed at excellent quality, such as with digital label printing, so they appear sharp and contrast with the background. Avoiding reflective material is also key since the glare can impede how well smartphones can scan the QR code. 


By adhering to these guidelines, you can customize QR codes to match your branding. You can also enhance brand recognition by adding your logo at the center. QR codes needn't be confined to black and white; experiment with gradients or your brand colors to further tailor it for your business. 


5 Benefits of QR Code Printing Direct Mail Marketing

QR code for printing direct mail marketing campaigns offers several advantages to your business.

1. Easier tracking of your direct mail campaigns 

A weakness that direct mail has compared to digital marketing campaigns is how difficult it is to track its success. 


For example, while you might've received more sign-ups after brochure or catalog distribution, how many can you confidently attribute to the direct mail campaign when digital touchpoints are also in play? 


QR code software simplifies the task. Its ability to track how many people scanned your code clarifies how persuasive your direct mail campaigns really were.

2. Better understanding of your target audience 

With QR codes, tracking becomes simpler, and customer research more effective. For example, some QR code software reveals scan locations and devices used. This demographic information paints a clearer picture of your target audience, informing your next campaigns.

3. More lead conversions

QR codes in direct mail campaigns are especially beneficial if your physical business launches a promo you want customers to join. 


Starbucks simplified holiday promotions using QR codes. Customers collected reward stickers through a QR code card from baristas while making beverage purchases, replacing the need for physical stickers.

4. An avenue for greater creativity

QR codes can enhance the direct mail packaging experience in more ways than simply directing customers to a webpage. 


During Halloween 2020, Amazon leveraged QR codes for printing to deliver an augmented reality Halloween surprise in their festive packaging. It allowed customers to carve pumpkin designs from home, adding delight and showing how QR codes can transform the packaging into interactive experiences beyond mere boxes.

5. A complementary partner to your digital marketing efforts 

QR codes allow your customers to participate in your digital marketing campaigns easily, connecting your offline and online efforts. 


L'Oreal did this when they printed QR codes onto their packaging. When customers scanned it, the code took them to a landing page with more product information. This helped the brand promote their product line's background, ingredients, and how they were made.

Add a Digital Layer to Your Direct Mail Campaigns

While direct mail marketing engages offline, the demand for dynamic marketing grows. Enter QR code printing. Incorporating QR codes in your direct mail campaigns merges offline and online experiences, meeting both customer expectations and business goals. 


Like 3D printing, QR code printing is here to stay, especially in high-quality label production. Elevate your direct mail campaigns with custom print designs from Intermedia Print, where our print experts can help keep you ahead of trends. 


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