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Intermedia Print Solutions
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CD/DVD/BD/USB Printing & Duplicatiion Services

DVD - Photorealistic

On-Disc printing of jewel-like images on CD/DVD/BDs is a specialty at Intermedia Print Solutions, Princeton, New Jersey.

You can count on us to deliver silkscreen printed images that "pop" off a disc, and can be packaged with printed booklets, inserts and wraps. From 100s to Millions, with dazzling brilliance silk-screen printed discs scintillate like fiery jewels, capture attention, delight the eye, and project a compelling company image.

You can also count on us to make the aspiration of Zero Defect, and a full range or services a reality!

CD/DVD/BD On-Disc Printing

Want brilliant work? Unmatched simple line art & Pantone certified spot colors? 4 color process continuous-tone photographic images? The critical color fidelity and fine detail of our silkscreen printed CD/DVD/BDs equals that of offset print. And our vibrant on disc printing visually "pops" off a disc. That means, like silk, our printed disc media are alluring, dazzling, fiery, and jewel-like to delight the eyes, to capture attention, and to project your company image in a compelling way. You, your employees, prospects, customers or patients can have this experience: custom silkscreen printed CD/DVD/BDs with your corporate logo for less money than standard OEM discs with a manufacturer's logo and paper labels or inkjet printing. Ask us to produce your discs so you can communicate your brand with prestige!

Custom Printed Media.......... CD/DVD Duplication.......... CD/DVD Replication.......... Mini CD/DVD.......... Biz Card CD.......... Blu-ray.......... USB

Digital Printing CD/DVD/BD Media

We provide complete high-end printing. Today’s publishing professionals regard JIT service as more pertinent than ever; shorter run lengths, more frequent orders, lean-production economy. On-demand digital printing broadens offset printing. We print EFI controlled, color accurate, high resolution CMYK digital output of booklets and tray cards, case wraps and inserts, BRC cards and stickers for thin, trim and jewel disc cases and Amaray boxes. The Oce CS655 Pro Digital Press balances traditional offset printing in color fidelity and tonal continuity from the first sheet to the last. Uniform 1800 dpi x 600 dpi coverage from edge-to-edge with full-bleed trimming supplements the attributes of traditional offset with the look and feel that has positioned Oce as a technology leader in digital presses. Plus, the CS655 press is fully integrated into the Chromatix color management process which gives our clients the optional benefit of near spot-on color matching across all substrates from silkscreen printed disc to its digitally printed packaging. We offer short-run, fast-turn printing and finishing plus a limited selection of popular die-cut disc holders for products needing simple, yet coordinated, packaging. Ready to have you clients give you rave reviews for CD/DVD products? Call us.

Slip Covers & Inserts.......... Jewel Case Inserts.......... Letters & Cards.......... Posters.......... Brochures.......... Variable Data.......... UPC Codes Digital Press Output. On-Demand, Just in Time, Lean Manufacturing. High Fidelity Color. Page to Disc Match Capability.

Packaging and Fulfillment

Jewel Case Cd - DVD Covers

Packaging your CD/DVD/BD project has suddenly become a lot more buyer friendly and much more affordable! Select from more than 450 new and exciting die-cut designs that will kindle your imagination... and these dies won't cost you one red cent!

We feature hundreds of clever and innovative designs; they include everything from custom disc sleeves to retail ready boxes, even the POP displays you need to get your discs picked-up and purchased. And you pay nothing, nada, not a penny more for the dies! And to make you look especially good, we don't charge extra for UV or aqueous coating either!

Is there any good reason you wouldn't have us produce disc media?

We can make you decidedly Green, as in saving money. Select our stock packaging options: jewel cases, Amaray cases, slim packs, trim-packs, digipaks, view-packs, window envelopes, univentures - to name just a few - and ‘customize’ or personalize them them with the flexibility digital presses offer, you benefit from ordering smaller quantities just when you need them.

Whether you need a few hundred or many thousands of packages, we guarantee that the collation, kitting, assembly, and all necessary handwork on each unit is produced with exacting care from the prototype to the final piece.

Add letter shop and complete fulfillment services to your die-cut packaging, or ‘individualized’ (with variable data) stock packaging, and you’ll appreciate the value of our 20+ years of experience. We offer standard database and list management services: Master Bulk Permit, Address Correction/List Optimization: CASS certification, merge/purge, presort, address jetting and bar coding, and more.

But it doesn’t end there. We offer the convenience of "one complete source for all your printing needs" by coordinating with your internal print/mail shop managers and expedited shipping partners, such as FedEx or UPS, to print the manifests, acquire the correct envelopes and allow you to track the shipment on-line, parcel by parcel, the moment it leaves the facility.

Custom Printed Mailers/Sleeves.......... DVD Cases.......... CD Jewel Cases.......... Digi Packs.......... Plastic/Paper Holders.......... Special Packaging.......... Fulfillment Packaging and Fulfillment. Custom Printed Sleeves, Mailers and More. Hundreds of contemporary packaging designs — mail to retail.

Airy DVD

Premium Grade CD/DVD/BD Media

Airy™ Premium Grade media. This certified media is moulded of virgin, optically white polycarbonate, metallized with 99.999% Pure Silver (not aluminum and not defective) and spin-lacquered to a brilliant mirror finish. It’s best described as pristine. Whether you need blank custom multi-color silkscreened CD/DVD or Blu-ray discs or premium grade CD/DVD/BD for inkjet or thermal print you're in the right place for high volume production. We only distribute media that conforms to stringent ECMA/ISO standards-- fully Philips licensed — all royalties paid. Everset™ Printable media is the multi-step printable surface for Rimage and TEAC high resolution re-transfer printers. Everset™ delivers superb print receptability, virtually no color cast, produces a crisp image and is equal to or better than other Everest printable media. It's so good, clients demand it as the first choice! Ultra Archive™ Grade media. The quality standard is Ultra Archive™. It’s designed and engineered for mission-critical applications such as healthcare modalities, photo archive, forensic imaging, law enforcement, evidentiary documents, emergency management, legal and compliance records, scientific research, DICOM/MEDICOM, etc. Strictly compliant to federal/international standards Ultra Archive™ features a tough scratch resistant finish, gold alloy metallizing, super-monolith phthalocyanine dye layer, an optimized power envelope, forward/backward compatibility and ultra low BLER. Its discrete manufacturing process yields unmatched data life — lab tested to exceed 200 years! Most institutional buyers spec their media to be custom silkscreened for their exclusive use and secure identification. Ultra Archive™ may be ordered with 1-6 color printing. It’s conveniently packaged with or without disc cases for ease of use and safe handling. Don’t be fooled: there is no better long-life media than Ultra Archive™ at any price.

Airy CD.......... Taiyo Yuden.......... Blu-ray......... Everest Printable.......... Inkjet Printable.......... Hexalock Great Price, Superb Performance. Highest Yield. Engineered for hi-speed duplication and print environments.

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Local, State, Federal Entities Catalog Marketers
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