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Counter Mats

Beauty and Health Counter Mats

What can counter mats do for you?

Intermedia Print Solutions is the only print shop in Princeton, New Jersey that you need to print your counter mats and mouse pads.

Custom mouse pads and counter mats deliver targeted marketing, create brand awareness, and generate impulse sales. Counter mats help you sell more product at yhe point of purchase.

Counter mats are a proven and cost-effective way to increase sales at the point of sale. We'll help you choose from a broad selection of materials, sizes, and shapes, so you can deliver your targeted marketing with style and still stay within budget.

Here are just a few businesses and industries to use counter mats every day: Alcohol & Distillery counter mats; Automotive counter pads; Beauty & Health counter pads; Entertainment counter mats; Food and Beverage counter pads; Hardware counter mats; medical and pharmaceutical mouse pads and counter mats; Pet counter mats; Professional Services counter pads; Retail counter mats.

Did you know with calendar counter mats and mouse pads, your customers get the full year advertising benefit of a calendar plus the full impact of promoting at the point of click with mouse pads and the point of sale with counter mats. That's a lot of promotional impact!

Order high fidelity full color counter mats from us today.

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