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Hot Stamping Foils

Metallic Foils

metallic foils

We use metalic foils to enhance the image and value of cosmetics packaging, wine labels, promotional materials materials and much more.

Create more interesting graphics on plastic and paper products, packaging, and promotional materials. Choose from Bright Silvers and Golds, Satin Silvers and Golds, and a full range of Metallized Colors. Any shade not shown can be customized.

Gloss Pigment Foils

gloss pigment foils

We can hot stamp gloss pigment foils that add color, eye appeal, value and increased product recognition. These durable foils provide scuff and scratch resistance for your products. You can color match any shade not shown here.

Have us hot stamp trendsetting product packaging, appealing paperback book covers, effective promotional materials and corporate publications, plastic products.

Matte Pigment Foils

matte pigment foils

We can make your product distinct with custom match and standard matte pigment foils, including opaque white. Dramatically contrast subtle matte finish with other foils to make you prodcuct stand out. Use on cosmetics products, book covers, direct mail promotions, folding cartons, magazine inserts and other printed products for eye-catching appeal.

Tint and Pearl Foils

Pearl and tint foils

Have us tint a blind embossed or raised images to create a subtle richness or hot-stamp a pearlescent effect in pastel colors. Pearl foils are best used on glossy white stock while the tints can be used glossy, natural, and natural textured paper stocks. We can create a stunning effect with a multi-level die.

Special Effects Foils

special effects foils

To create visual excitement, we can hot stamp antique pattern foils, brushed foils,, multi-color foils, and diffraction grating foils. From shimmering rainbows to metallics to woodgrains, marbles and natural materials, you can create almost any illusion. All specialty foils are custom made for the best sales results.

We hot stamp special foils on plastic products, point-of-purchase displays and much more.

Holographic Patterns Foils

holographic patterns foils

Turn ordinary to extraordinary to grab you customers' attention! We can have a wide range of patterned holographic foils created to add dimension and excitement to your printed products and marketing materials.

Use holographic foils to create exciting promotional materials, paper and plastic packaging, point-of-purchase appeal, document identification and more.

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