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Intermedia Print Solutions
100 Overlook Center Suite 200, FL 2,
Princeton, NJ 08540

Giclée Prints

At Intermedia Print Solutions, Princeton, New Jersey, the giclée process starts with a Cruse scanner.

Our giclée prints use high quality inks with 200 year lightfastness, high quality pH neutral, acid free materials, and superior print quality, using very, very small dots and high resolution printing.  Also we bring colors to life with a very large color gamut. We print art with CMY, [PhotoK], [MatteK], [PhotoM], [PhotoC], Gray, [PhotoGray], Red, and Blue inks. And for photo prints, we use a chromatic optimizer to varnish and even out the glossy quality of photo paper prints.

Framing of giclée prints is also available.

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